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Professional Shampoo for White-haired Dogs
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Natural ingredients - guaiazulene, Lithospermum root extract, Gardenia blue - are used to achieve the blueing effects that bring out the whiteness of the coat. Gentle to both technicians and the environment, this shampoo contains a shampoo base derived from a natural, vegetable, higher alcohol, and has a reduction bleaching action free of harshness. It rinses out well and repeated use will not harm the technician's hands. More than 99% of the ingredients that make their way into rivers and oceans are decomposed by microorganisms and bacteria.


Wheat germ oil, Dead Sea salt, propolis (an ingredient extracted from the hives of honeybees), Lithospermum root extract, Gardenia blue, a mixture of vegetable extracts (seaweed extract, aloe extract, horse chestnut extract, grape leaf extract, witch hazel extract, ivy extract, Hypericum extract).