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Spa Series Mud Shampoo for White-haired Dogs
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Thalassotherapy for pets

Mud that has long received blessings from nature contains an abundance of minerals. Moreover, its mineral ingredients can be taken into the body through the skin; and when mud is in the form of an extremely fine powder, its ingredients can also effectively absorb the old waste material that is excreted through perspiration. These properties enable mud to reduce swelling and inflammation. In addition, mud can keep the temperature of the body's entire surface uniform for a long time, so that hermotherapeutic effects can also be achieved with it. Thus, it can improve blood circulation, relieve pain, and enable muscles and joints to move more freely.

Mud originates in various places, but these can broadly be divided between the land and sea. Mud from the land gives skin a clean, refreshing feel, while mud from the sea provides a moist, smooth feel.

The main mineral ingredients include sulphur, calcium, silicon, aluminium, iron oxide, sodium, phosphorus and titanium. These ingredients provide various effects - For example the sulphur reacts with the keratin protein (cystine) in the surface of the skin and slowly turns to hydrogen sulphide, polythionic acid, and pentathionicacid, thereby providing antibacterial action. Moreover, through its keratin-softening effects, sulphur conditions the skin, providing it with body.

The average size of a mud particle is 10 microns or less. These particles are highly porous, enabling mud to effectively absorb and remove dirt, grime, excreted waste matter and other impurities from the skin. As a result, it is also able to reduce inflammation and eliminate odors. Moreover, through its combination of numerous botanical moisturising ingredients that each performs a different function, mud conditions the coat, leaving it with a silky, supple feel.

Spa Mud Super White Shampoo

A super whitening shampoo that differs from previous whitening shampoos by using a combination of special whitening ingredients that amplify light and vegetable-derived, hypoallergenic cleansing ingredients that eliminate yellowing, further bringing out the whiteness of the coat.
*Because it contains no bleaching agents whatsoever, Pet Esthé Spa Super White Shampoo can also be used to provide a radiant luster to colored coats.


Moisture-retaining ingredients
Sodium ascorbate, special whitening ingredients that amplify light, Dead Sea salt, propolis extracted from beehives